ResidencE Permit

Retired Non-Citizen

Considering retirement in Mauritius is a great idea, especially if you’re 50 years or older, and this gives you the possibility as a retired non-citizen to apply for a residence permit.


A Retired Non-Citizen needs to provide a certified bank statement from the country of origin or residence, indicating:

(a) Minimum amount of USD 18,000; or

(b) Guaranteed minimum income of USD 1,500 per month.


A Residence Permit (RP) for Retired Non-Citizens will be initially issued for a maximum period of ten years. Subsequent renewals are subject to meeting established criteria.

Right to Invest

Retired Non-Citizens are allowed to invest in any business, on the condition that they are not engaged in employment within the business and do not receive a salary or employment benefits from it.

Right to work

Foreign retirees have the option to engage in employment within specific sectors. In order to do so, they must apply for either a work permit or an occupation permit, depending on the circumstances.

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Individuals who are dependents of Occupation Permit holders and Residence Permit holders have the eligibility to submit an application for a residence permit.


Dependents encompass the spouse (including a Common Law Partner of the opposite sex), parents, and dependent children. This includes stepchildren or lawfully adopted children who are unmarried and not involved in any gainful activity.


The duration of the Residence Permit for a dependent shall not exceed that of the main holder.

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Residence Permit
through Acquisition

A non-citizen shall be eligible for a Residence Permit through the acquisition of:

(a) an immovable property through the Integrated Resort Scheme, Real Estate Scheme, Invest Hotel Scheme, Property Development Scheme, Smart City Scheme, or Sustainable City Scheme; or

(b) an apartment intended for residential use, situated in a building of at least two floors above the ground floor.

The purchase price shall be at least USD 375,000, or its equivalent in any other hard convertible foreign currency, where the exchange rate to be used to calculate the US Dollar equivalent shall be the selling rate in force at the time of signature of the title deed.